MATERIALS: PPA for High-Performance Electrical/Electronics Uses

Evonik's new PPA is aimed at high-end LEDs found in headlamps, flat-screen TVs and moveable lens module units for smartphones.

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A new polyphthalamide (PPA) developed by the Resource Efficiency Segment of Evonik (U.S. office in Parsippany, N.J.), is specially formulated for high-performance LED lights and light modules. Vestamid HTplus M8000 reportedly features optimal thermal stability, a wide processing window, and outstanding flowability for thin-wall applications in the electrnics industry.

            Partially based on the castor oil plant, Vestamid HTplus M8000 is said to provide the key base ingredient in a compound for making high-end LEDs found in car headlamps, flat-screen TVs, and even outdoor stadium lighting. The LED housing needs to be light-stable to retain its optical and thermal properties during its service life. When the housing material is not light-stable, the housing can turn yellowish from the UV light and the heat generated by the LEDs.

            This material has also been shown to enable a PPA compound to provide the mechanical integrity for the moveable lens module units found in smartphones. Evonik says a limitation of existing lens modules based on LCPs (liquid crystal polymers) is the presence of weld lines that can lead to breakage of the moveable frame. According to Evonik, moveable lens module units build from a Vestamid HTplus M8000-based compound allow for a higher pixel count design specification and consequently increase the image resolutions of the smartphone camera.