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Materials: PPE-Based Compounds for 5G Base Station Antennas


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New polymer formulations in response to highly innovative fifth generation (5G) telecommunications network development that will help increase speed to market and design flexibility for 5G base station antenna manufacturers have been unveiled by PolyOne Corp., Avon Lake, Ohio.

The new customizable Edgetek Formulations for 5G (currently 12 all based on PPE resin with dielectric constant (DK) ranging from 3.0 to 9.0), feature specific Dk values and reduced dissipation factors (Df), enabling faster design qualification and shorter lead times. Another new formulation within this product family is compatible with SMT (surface mount technology), allowing greater design flexibility and increased speed to market for 3D circuit boards. Both materials reportedly can help 5G base station antenna manufactures to streamline their design and process development.

Says Flight Xu, general manager, PolyOne’s specialty engineered materials Asia, “Telecom equipment manufacturers all over the world are readying themselves for the explosion of 5G. We see 5G deployment as a tipping point in which seamless connectivity will become an expectation not only for mobile users, but for industry as well. We’re confident that our innovative material solutions and product development support will enable telecom manufacturers to make that expectation a reality.”