MATERIALS: Propylene-Ethylene Elastomer Boosts Sealing Performance Of PP Films

ExxonMobil's latest Vistamaxx specialty elastomer is for enhance sealing of cPP and BOPP films.

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The newest addition to the Vistamaxx portfolio of specialty propylene-ethylene elastomers from ExxonMobil Chemical, Houston, has been developed to enhance sealing performance in cast polypropylene (CPP) films and heat-sealable biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films. It is said to combine very low seal and hot tack initiation temperatures with broad hermetic seal range making it well suited for applications such as snack, bisquit and candy packaging.

            Vistamaxx 3588FL used pure in the sealing layer reportedly provides outstanding sealing performance in both cPP and BOPP films designed for fast and reliable packaging operations. Used to replace standard terpolymer PP in the sealant layer of three or five layer heat sealable cPP or BOPP films, 3588FL is said to enable higher speeds for horizontal and vertical form fill and seal (HFFS and VFFS) packaging operations. The material reportedly delivers a 10 degree lower SIT and broader and higher hot tack window compared to standard terpolymer PP resins.

            In cPP films, use of 3588FL in the sealant layer has been shown at a commercial account to extend the hermetic seal range which is critical for applications that require leak-free and airtight packaging. Also, the coefficient of friction (COF) is easily controlled using commercially available masterbatches leading to trouble-free VFFS operations even with more sensitive films like metallized cPP films. 

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