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MATERIALS: Purging Compounds Aid Production of Caps & Closures

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Food-grade purging compounds specially tailored for production of HDPE beverage caps and closures.

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Specially tailored, food-grade purging compounds Lucin Clean 1060/61 are newly available from Chem-Trend, Howell, Mich. They are aimed specifically at manufacturing  HDPE beverage caps and closures. They are said to be effective at up to 550 F and to be hot-runner safe.


The 1060 purging compound was developed specifically to quickly remove residue from screws, cylinders, nozzles, and hot runners in injection and compression molding machines. It is said to be most applicable when frequent color and material changes are performed. It reportedly provides up to 50% potential savings compared with color changes done with virgin resin.


The 1061 purging compound is designed for machine cleaning prior to scheduled downtime and weekends, to ensure scrap-free startup. It is specially formulated to remove resins left on machine parts that, if left for extended time periods, lead to black specks.


(517) 545-7980 • chemtrend.com



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