MATERIALS: Recycle Content Nylon Compounds For Automotive And More

Teknor Apex is offering new injection molding nylon 6 and 66 compounds that combine economy and performance.

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Four new glass-reinforced injection molding nylon 6 and 66 compounds that incorporate recycle content and performance-enhancing additives are said to offer an excellent balance of cost and performance for applications that do not require the elevated property profiles of premium grades. Launched by Teknor Apex at Fakuma 2014, the Recyclon 400 Series nylon 6 and 500 Series nylon 66 currently have filler content of 15% and 30%.

            Available in black color globally, they are targeted to applications ranging from automotive components that satisfy mandates for recycled material to consumer and industrial items where cost reduction is a key consideration. Extensive testing has shown these compounds to have comparable property profiles to standard general-purpose nylon compounds. Most significantly, all four grades exhibit a minimum of 80% property retention after 100 hrs of heat aging at 284˚F. Teknor can customize recycled polymer percentage loadings.

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