MATERIALS: Softer, Clear TPEs For Consumer Applications

Elastocon's new softer, clear TPEs are particularly well suited to medical devices and children's toys.

Several new softer grades (Shore 15-40 A) have been added by Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc., Rochester, Ill., to its clear (CLR Series) of TPEs. The new grades are targeted to consumer goods and applications requiring clarity, a soft touch and UV stability.

            The four new plasticizer-free, odorless CLR TPE grades are offered in Shore A hardnesses of 15, 20, 30, 35 and 40 and boast non-blooming high-strength properties as well as tactile surface finish. FDA-compliant, they are said to offer designers and molders an alternative to silicone and PVC, particularly in medical devices and children’s toys. Other suggested applications include countertop electronics, appliances, furniture and desk accessories (protective feet and pads) as well as protective covers for consumer electronic products. The new grades, as with all other CLR Series grades, can be overmolded onto PP, require no drying, and are said to be easy to process. 

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