MATERIALS: Specialty Olefinic TPE For High-Performance Stretch Films

A thin functional layer offers big benefits in cast PPS films.

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Introduced at NPE2015, the newest grade of Vistamaxx metallocene-catalyzed specialty olefinic TPE from ExxonMobil Chemical, Houston, is designed for high-performance cast power-prestretch (PPS) films. When used in the functional layer of cast PPS films, Vistamaxx 6000 is said to provide outstanding ultimate stretch, excellent holding force, and tear propagation resistance, even at thin gauges.

Although the functional layer of stretch film comprises only about 10-15% of the total film composition, the properties of the material in that layer are said to be key to overall performance. Vistamaxx 6000 reportedly combines high stretch with high holding force, exceptional toughness, and easy processability for high output. End users are moving to higher stretch ratios or thinner gauge films, which can result in less film weight for the same pallet stability.

Stretch-film producer Ergis S.A. of Poland has been running Vistamaxx 6000 in the functional layer of a high-performance PPS film. Grzegorz Kedzierski, managing director says, “We are impressed by the film’s excellent processability. Vistamaxx 6000 demonstrates flow right to the edges of the die, resulting in excellent web stability and film roll appearance. Also, the film’s properties—ultimate stretch, stretch force, and puncture—measured at 300% prestretch, were outstanding. The excellent tear propagation resistance provided by Vistamaxx 6000 clearly enables smooth, high-speed wrapping operations.”

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