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Materials: Thermoforming PP Grade Designed as PET Replacement

Braskem’s newest Inspire PP grade is an alternative to PET for thermoformed  consumer packaging applications.


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A thermoforming PP grade designed as a replacement for PET in consumer packaging applications is the latest addition to the Inspire series of its ‘value-added’ PP  resins from Philadelphia-based Braskem Americas. More specifically the new grade is targeted to packaging of  ready-made meals at grocery stores and fast casual restaurants when higher-temperature resistance is needed.




The new thermoforming grade boasts optical properties that approach PET, with improved thermal properties over PET and traditional random copolymer PP. It has been shown to be best suited for thermoformed applications which demand a great balance of clarity and heat resistance, such as store and restaurant pre-prepared and ready-to-heat meals. The improved heat resistance allows these containers to be used in the dishwasher for continued reuse.

Said v.p of polyolefins Alexandre Elias, “Our Inspire series offers an attractive balance of performance and sustainability with a simplified pellet management solution. It allows thermoformers to utilize a single pellet for a wide range of applications that require varying levels of stiffness, clarity or impact creating a simplifed inventory approach. This latest polypropylene grade is designed as an ideal solution to replace PET because of its recyclability and unique properties.”