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Materials: TPE Compounds with Excellent Adhesion to Nylons

Kraiburg’s new DC/AD/PA Thermolast K series targeted to consumer & food industries.


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An innovative TPE technology that features outstanding adhesion to nylons and complies with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 for food contact, was recently introduced by Kraiburg TPE (U.S. office in Buford, Ga.).  The compounds that comprise the new FC/AD/PA Thermolast K series boast excellent processability and superior surfaces that require no finishing after leaving the mold.

These reportedly cost-effectively processable materials can directly be injection-molded onto nylon 6 and nylon 66 without any additional adhesive primer – translucent or precisely colored. With hardness degrees ranging between 40 and 80 Shore A, they are said to combine tactile properties such as soft-touch and non-slip grip even at low wall thicknesses. Superior tensile strength, elongation at break and abrasion resistance are also claimed.

The technology of the FC/AD/PA series is targeted specifically at manufacturers and processors in the consumer and food industries. Typical applications include tool components that comply with food regulations as well as handles and surfaces of household appliances such as coffee machines and juicers. Further possible applications include health care aids from interdental brushes to eyeglasses frames to hearing aids, along with a wide array of cosmetics and sports articles.