MATERIALS: TPE for Drinking Water Applications

Hexpol's TPE's new Dryflex DW series aimed at plumbing seals, pipe fittings and shower heads.

A range of TPE compounds, available in hardnesses from 50 to 90 Shore A, in natural and black as well as custom colors, is newly available from Hexpol TPE (U.S. office in Sandusky, Ohio). The Dryflex DW series of compounds is designed for applications that come into contact directly or indirectly with drinking water, including domestic and commercial applications such as plumbing seals, pipe fittings and shower heads. Designed for injection molding or extrusion, they are said to bond to PP and PE in multi-component applications.

            The Dryflex DW TPE compounds have passed German drinking water regulations, they have been tested and approved according to ‘The Guideline for Hygienic Assesment of Organic Materials in Contact with Drinking Water’ KTW guideline for cold and warm water (73.4-140 F; 23-60 C). These compounds reportedly boast no microbial growth without the use of biocides and have been approved according to DVGW Technical Standard W270, which describes a test method to determine the microbial growth on non-metallic materials intended for use in drinking water systems. The raw materials used to product these compounds are compliant with EU food-contact regulation No. 10/2011.