MATERIALS: TPEs for Overmolding Onto Polyethylene

Elastocon's 2800 Series performance TPEs now includes new grades for overmolding onto and coextruding with PE.

Elastocon TPE Technologies, Rochester, Illinois, has expanded its 2800 Series of performance TPEs to include five new grades-- offered in Shore A hardness ranges of 25, 40, 50 and 65--which are specifically formulated for overmolding onto or coextruding with polyethylene. Previous grades, available in Short A hardness ranges from 10 to 90, are suitable for overmolding only onto PP.

Noted for their ultra-soft, rubber-like feel and ability to be injection molded, extruded, blow molded or compounded, all these grades reportedly provide a good surface finish to molded products and have high impact resistance. Natural grades are FDA compliant, and all grades are UV stable. They are said to exhibit excellent cold weather resistance plus are resistant to chlorine most household cleaning products, among other chemicals and oils.  Potential applications might include mouthguards, clear straps, medical products and pet toys. Additional applications cited by Elastocon include overmolding for cap liners and grips for various PE consumer packaging. All grades can be supplied for compounding or as ready-to-use pellets in 1000 lb quantities.