MATERIALS:PBT for Laser Welding of Engine Housing Components

Lanxess'new laser-transparnet PBT compounds are ideal for parts exposed to high heat and humidity.

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Two new PBT compounds that meet the requirements of leading welding methods such as laser welding have been developed by Lanxess, Pittsburgh, Penn. Pocan B3235 LT and a hydrolysis-resistant version B3235 HR and reportedly have no competition in commercially available PBT compounds in terms of their high level of laser transmission and high level of properties. 

According to Pocan product developer Joachim Morick, the hydrolysis-stabilized grade is particularly well suited for parts in the engine compartment that need to be impervious to heat and moisture. Potential applications include housing components for control devices, such as electronic parking brakes, which are assembled by laser welding. In fact, compared to the industry standard hydrolysis-resistant PBT, grade B3233 HR has more than twice the laser transmission in the 800-1200 nm wavelength range, typical of laser welding. Grade B3233 LT, meanwhile is said to be ideal for laser-weldable PBT components not exposed to high temperatures and moisture. It is said to be twice as laser-transparent as the standard Pocan B3235 PBT grade.