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Matte BOPP Compound for Cold Seal Packaging of Heat-Sensitive Products

Ampacet’s new Matif CSR 330 BOPP matte compound designed for cold seal packaging of chocolate, snack bars and ice cream.  


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A specialty BOPP matte compound developed for cold seal packaging of heat-sensitive products, such as chocolate, snack bars and ice cream has been launched by Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y. Optimum cold seal performance ensures excellent pack integrity and optimized food protection. Its optimum cold seal performance reportedly ensures excellent pack integrity and optimized food protection.

Ampacet's next-generation Matif matte BOPP compounds for cold seal packaging.

Ampacet Matif CSR 330 is a silicon-free BOPP compound said to offer a premium matte effect with excellent film uniformity, combined with outstanding release properties with no transfer of glue to the matte side of the film. Brand owners often prefer a matte surface, which gives packaging and products an upscale, luxury look, according to Ampacet.

This compound belongs to the company’s new next-generation portfolio of Matif BOPP matte compounds which reportedly feature high-to-low seal initiating temperatures (167 F to 266 F) and down gauging up to 25%; matte properties with a high coefficient of friction; half matte compounds that allow a clear view of the product through the packed film; and, matte compound with light “soft-touch” effect. These compounds are said to allow applications to obtain excellent matte performance with haze of more than 75%, providing a high-quality finish to complex graphics and opulent packaging items.