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Measurement Systems for Large-Diameter Pipe, Other Extrusions

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Display includes range of systems for quality control, process optimization and cost savings for hose, tube, and sheet. 

The Centerwave 6000 from Sikora is a system for measuring the diameter, ovality, wall thickness and sagging of large pipe from (90 to 3200 mm) during extrusion. The system is based on millimeter waves technology. It’s available in a rotating version, offering  the complete measurement of the wall thickness at 360 points across the entire circumference of the pipe. Alternatively, Sikora offers a multi-axial system available with static sensors. The Planowave 6000, also based on millimeter waves technology, is used for thickness measurement of plastic sheets.

Sikora is also displaying the Purity Scanner Advanced for online inspection and sorting of plastic material. The combination of an X-ray camera with a flexible, optical camera system is said to be the only technology at present that reliably detects contamination on the surface as well as inside of plastic pellets. Contaminated pellets are automatically sorted out. Depending on the type of contamination and application, optical high-speed cameras as well as X-ray, color and infrared cameras are used.

For smaller material throughputs and for applications where sampling analysis or incoming goods inspection are sufficient, Sikora is displaying the Purity Concept Systems. Alternatively, these analysis devices can be equipped with X-ray technology, optical cameras or infrared sensors and detect contamination in pellets, flakes, films/tapes and crosshead parts.

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