MIXING/BLENDING: Ribbon Blenders For Precision Applications

Used for rapid blending of dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms

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New features are being offered on Ross Ribbon Blenders from Charles Ross & Son Co. Hauppauge, N.Y. are aimed at manufacturers requiring extra precision and efficiency. Ribbon Blenders are used for rapid blending of dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms. These machines also mix paste-like materials and solid-liquid suspensions. Materials are blended by a horizontal agitator consisting of inner and outer helical ribbons within a U-shaped trough. The ribbons are precisely pitched to move materials in a well-balanced axial and radial flow pattern.

The Model 42N-120SS (shown) is a 120-ft³ Ribbon Blender, is now equipped with:

•           A solid agitator shaft with precision formed ribbons having angled leading edges to prevent material build-up.

•           Scrapers welded to the spokes and ribbons, having a close tolerance (1/8 in.) to the end walls. As a standard, trough corners are radiused to further eliminates dead space.

•           A clear view polycarbonate on the cover and shaft guards. The cover can also include multiple ports for ingredient additions, lights, spray system, venting and vacuum transfer. Operators can safely view the batch and charge raw materials while the agitators are running.

•           Air-purged mechanical shaft seals with replaceable fluropolymer seal faces.

•           Pneumatically-operated spherical disc valve which provides a large opening and minimizes dead space. Discharge connections can be customized to perfectly mate with the user’s material handling system.