Injection Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Molding Foam with a Smooth Surface

Three lines of Yizumi HPM presses are new adapted for the U.S. market. A large, two-platen model is molding MuCell foam with a hot/cold mold process.


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Yizumi HPM recently revised several lines of machines specifically for the North American market, with appropriate safeties, UL certification, U.S. platen-mounting patterns, Bosch Rexroth hydraulics, and new KEBA touchscreen controls that maintain a uniform format across different machine lines. NPE features three machines with “N” (for North American) designation:

 •  A 1200-ton, 240-oz DP-N series two-platen, servo-hydraulic model in a series from 550 to 3500 tons. It uses Trexel’s MuCell foam technology to mold a protective briefcase in an aluminum mold. Yizumi FoamPro technology combines MuCell with rapid-heat/cool mold technology, using a TCU from Single. This produces a range of surface textures, from leather-grain to high gloss.

 •  A 360-ton, 34-oz A5-N series servo-hydraulic toggle in a line from 65 to 1125 tons. It is molding a 2.5-gal pail using the HPM Double-Wave screw technology for rapid recovery with excellent melt quality.

 •  A 65-ton, 2-oz model from the firm’s newest all-electric FE-N series (65 to 290 tons). This machine is running a small medical part.