Mono and Dual Strand PVC Profile Dies Trim Backpressure

Two recently developed dies from Gruber & Co.

Two recently developed dies from Gruber & Co. Group GmbH in Pettenbach, Austria, for single- and dual-strand PVC profiles, are said to run at higher-than-normal outputs with low backpressure. The TwinEx die attaches the twin-screw extruder openings directly to the two profile strand passages without an adapter section. Eliminating the adapter shortens the die by 280 mm and reduces backpressure, Gruber says. The TwinEx die was demonstrated at a Gruber open house in September, where it achieved record-setting outputs of over 2200 lb/hr for a five-chamber PVC window profile. A second new die, called EffEx, was introduced at Gruber’s open house in April at U.S. representative Automated Extrusion Tooling and Design in Ramsey, Minn. (Gruber recently acquired 60% ownership.) EffEx is the same length as a conventional profile die but generates much lower backpressure. EffEx starts with a shorter profile forming section of 5.5 in. (2900 psi), then adds Gruber’s Mixing Ring and Mixing Star sections, each 2 in. long (500 psi), for total backpressure of 3900 psi, while a normal 9.1-in. profile die generates 4350 psi. (763) 576-6946 • •

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