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Compounding: Multi-Agitator System for Viscous Mixing, Dispersion

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Offers accurate and consistent batch-to-batch mixing in capacities from 1-4000 gal.


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The VersaMix from Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y. is a new multi-shaft mixer designed for viscous applications requiring a high level of accuracy and batch-to-batch consistency. Two or three independently driven agitators work in tandem to ensure high-speed fine dispersion, efficient turnover, and uniform heating/cooling.

The machine is available in many standard sizes in capacities from 1 to 4000 gal. Pictured is a Model VMC-200 with a working capacity of 200 gal. An air/oil lift raises and lowers the agitators into the vacuum-rated vessel. All product contact surfaces are polished stainless steel.

Equipped with a 10-hp anchor agitator, 20-hp disperser, and 25-hp rotor/stator, the VMC-200 delivers a combination of laminar bulk flow and shear intensity necessary for homogenization and deagglomeration of high-viscosity mixtures up to several hundred thousand centipoise. The vacuum cover includes multiple charging ports, viewing windows, tank light, and a thermoprobe. Finished product is discharged out of a 3-in., pneumatically actuated diaphragm valve on the tank’s conical bottom.


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