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Multi-Component Molding Options Added to Machine Line

Haitian’s Zhafir Multi multi-component molding machines or add-on injection units give molders more 2K options.


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Absolute Haitian (Worcester, Mass.), the exclusive sales and service partner in the U.S. and Canada for Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co. Ltd., announced that Zhafir Multi multi-component molding machines and add-on injection units are now be available. The Zhafir Zeres Multi-Series multicomponent version of the all-electric Zeries line was initially launched at Fakuma 2018. Absolute Haitian began quoting the Zhafir Multi to U.S. and Canadian customers in early 2021.

The Zhafir Multi electric machines—including the Zeres, Venus and two-platen Jenius Series— complement the Haitian Iapetus II Series, a servo-hydraulic multi-component machine long on offer from Absolute Haitian, and available in clamp forces from 135 to 2079 tons.

The Zhafir Multi product line, covering the Zeres, Venus, and Jenius machines, have a variety of injection unit configurations, including horizontal “L”, vertical, parallel, piggyback and end to end. The multi-component option is available for the Zeres hybrid and Venus all-electric machines ranging in size from 135 to 731 tons, while going up to 3709 tons for the hybrid two-platen Jenius.

Shot sizes from 0.67 to 34.57 ounces are available for the Zeres and Venus Series. Larger shot sizes can be specified for the Jenius Series upon request. The machines utilize the Connectivity Plus platform to support interaction with auxiliaries and automation, as well as integration into MES systems.

Add-On Injection Units

Absolute notes that the add-on injection units give molders interested in entering the market for parts with multi-color or multi-material design requirements an affordable option. The units are available in horizontal “L” and vertical configurations and feature flexible operation so that the machine can operate as a standard single-shot machine or multi-shot machine. Absolute says the “Plug & Play” injection units are designed as independent modular components with their own power and drive sources that can be adapted to different machine models for use across several machines on the production floor. Shot sizes from 0.7 to 8.3 ounces are available.

Haitian Zhafir Zeres Multi

The Zeres Multi can be configured with a parallel secondary injection unit.