Multicavity Filling Control for Hot Runners


WEB EXCLUSIVE. A new hot-runner temperature-control system is combined with a filling and cool control system as an integrated package that helps molders achieve balanced filling in multi-cavity hot-runner molds. Introduced at the recent K 2007 show in Germany by Gammaflux L.P., Sterling, Va., the TTC-eDAQ 8102 system combines Gammaflux’s TTC temperature controller with the eDAQ Fill & Cool system from Priamus System Technologies LLC., Brunswick, Ohio. The system uses cavity-temperature sensing to detect filling in each mold cavity and shows variations in cavity fill times by comparing the temperature curves from each cavity. The system automatically adjusts the timing of the filling of each cavity by changing the temperature set points in the TTC controller. This causes all cavities in the mold to fill as close to simultaneously as possible. The result is said to be more uniform part quality. (800) 284-4477 * 774-2687 *

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