NaturalNano Launches Nylon Nanotube Concentrate


WEB EXCLUSIVE. NaturalNano, Inc., Rochester, N.Y., has completed final manufacturing-scale validation for its Pleximer-N, a new nylon-based additive concentrate containing specially-treated halloysite clay nanotubes (HNT) that reportedly increase the strength, durability, and flexibility of nylon and other polymers. Through its proprietary manufacturing processes and patented technologies, NaturalNano says Pleximer-N can contain customized levels of HNTs for various applications. Potential uses include increasing the durability of football helmets, enhancing the aesthetics of fabrics, or creating more flexible body panels in cars. Pleximer-N passed rigorous, full-scale manufacturing testing by outside third-parties for several industry applications and the company has produced a baseline inventory of the product and has secured both internal and external production resources to meet expected demand. NaturalNano plans to soon launch additional Pleximer products, including HNT concentrates based on PP and other polyolefins. Last Fall, the company also signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, gaining access to broad patents in controlled-release nanomaterials for multiple industries, including agriculture and electronics. Some of these extended-release applications that are expected to emerge later this year include HNTs filled with fragrances or antimicrobial agents to create coatings for fabrics or molded plastics. The company is also eyeing the furniture industry, which could potentially use HNTs filled with flame retardants that would be released only under extreme heat. (585) 267-4850 *

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