'Unique' Polymeric Melt Flow Additive for PLA


CAI Additives is now offering ST-PA210 flow agent for PLA and other biobased polyesters.

Conveying Control Offers Auto-Configuration, Cost-Saving Diagnostics


New features said to simplify and reduce costs for system design and installation, system expansion, and remote diagnostics

Novel Flexible and Toughened Engineering Resin


Toray leverages proprietary nanoalloy technology to create a unique flexible and toughened type of nylon.

New Melt Delivery and Control System Enables Design Freedom


Husky says its UltraShot Injection System liberates part design from the requirements of the injection molding process so that parts completed with other processes or post-mold assembly can now be produced in a single injection molding cycle.

High-Efficiency Benchtop Spectrophotometer Series


Datacolor’s Spectro 1000/700 series spectrophotometer, boasts high efficiency and confidence in color formulation in quality control for plastics and other industries.

General-Purpose 5-axis Robot Range Redesigned


Building off the display of a prototype at K 2019, Sepro has finished the redesign of its Success robot range with three models, including ones with five-axis operation.

Integrated TPV System Solutions Aid in Development of More Sustainable Automotive Weatherseals


ExxonMobil’s new Santoprene integrated TPV system solutions can potentially extend performance and recyclability while optimizing cost of GRC weatherseals.  

Remote Service Added to Machine Line


BOY says its Smart Remote Service establishes a connection between its service personnel and its molding machines via “an integrated gateway.”

Valve Gate Hot Runner Integrates New Servo Motor


The compact direct-drive servo motor design minimizes stack height and simplifies mold design.

First-of-a-Kind Nanotechnology-Based PET Compound Enables Differentiated Foams


SABIC’s new Colorcomp WQ117945 is based on an advanced nanotechnology additive masterbatch that can be adapted to other resins.