PPA for E-Mobility Applications


Solvay’s Amodel Supreme PPA brings higher level of performance for applications ranging from high-temperature automotive components uses in electric drive units including e-motors to telecommunications equipment components.

New Options for High-Efficiency Spectrophotometers for Color Management


Datacolor has expanded its Spectro family of close-tolerance benchtop spectrophotometers for high efficiency in color formulations and quality control.

Renewable PVDF Grades for Lithium-Ion Batteries


Arkema develops new sustainable Kynar PVDF grades based on 100% renewable attributed carbon derived from crude tall oil.

Flowmeter Adds Protective Cover


Burger & Brown Engineering says the TracerVM DuraGuard corrosion-resistant stainless steel cover adds rigidity and an extra layer of protection for TracerVM flow and temperature sensors.

Hot Runner Controller Line Extended


Hasco has introduced the Primezone H1281/ hot runner controller with 40 and 48 control zones, closing a previous gap and completing the range up to 96 zones.

Hot Runner Controller Adds Upgraded Display


Spark Industries has replaced the display on its Pulse line of hot runner controller with a high-resolution 10.1-in. LCD display, with retrofits available for existing controllers.

Special-Effect Masterbatch for Natural-Looking Plastic Wine Corks


Prototype TPE corks made with Avient’s new Renol and Remafin masterbatch that create natural-looking TPE corks gets positive reviews at recent trials.  

Controller-Guided Procedure for Faster Hot-Runner Color Changes


Husky partnered with Chem-Trend to speed hot-runner color changes, pairing a new guided procedure within the Altanium Mold Controller with Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge brand of purging compound.

System Protects Resin from High-Speed Conveying


Processors can easily and automatically select and use capabilities to protect resins from damage caused by dilute-phase conveying systems operating at excessive speeds.  

Bag-Dump Module for Mixers, Blenders, More


Designed to contain dust generated when bulk materials are dumped manually.