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7/27/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

New All-Electric Injection Molding Machines Add Speed, Take Larger Molds

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Nissei Plastic Industrial Co.

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Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan (Nissei America, Inc. is in Anaheim, Calif.) has refreshed its flagship all-electric NEX series with the debut of its fourth-generation NEX-IV line in nine sizes from 30 to 360 tons. These are said to offer improvements on the current NEX-III series, released in January 2012.

First, a newly designed toggle system reportedly can cut mold open/close times by 5% to 20%. The proven “Flat Clamp” mechanism has been further developed to improve evenness of contact pressure. The clamp also runs on linear guides for improved precision, better part quality, and longer mold life. The wear-resistant toggle and linear guides also reduce need for grease, suiting the machines to cleanroom use.

The toggle offers automatic clamp-force adjustment, which self-adjusts to rising mold temperatures and thermal expansion during a run; and direct clamp-force setting permits changing clamp force on the fly.

A second major enhancement is ability to run larger molds on smaller machines. NEX-IV reportedly offers “one of the widest daylights in the industry while keeping its footprint to industry’s smallest size.” Daylights are up to 100 mm longer than before.

New features added to the TACT IV controller include consolidating important process information on one screen (15-in.). Each process is displayed in a color-coded chart with a feature that assists in shortening cycles. A new purging circuit is said to reduce material waste and time. Another new function is a mold open/close response-speed selector (high speed, normal, and low speed) to match different processes. Quality and production management and maintenance functions have been enhanced. Up to 100 machines can be connected to the optional PQ Manager quality and production control system.