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New Digital Light Processing Resin for DLP and LCD 3D Printing Technology

The Somos QuickGen 500 is targeted for functional and general prototyping needs.


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3d-printed part with Somos QuickGen 500

The company continues to expand its materials offerings with this flexible DLP/LCD resin.

Royal DSM has launched its Somos QuickGen 500 engineered resin for digital light processing (DLP) and liquid crystal display (LCD) 3D printing. 

With fast print speeds, DLP and LCD 3D printing technology offers quick and accurate results. DSM says companies looking to switch from traditional to additive manufacturing – and looking to manufacture locally – can more quickly and easily adopt 3D printing with DLP and LCD printing.

Somos QuickGen 500 is targeted for functional and general prototyping needs. Its performance reportedly offers those using DLP and LCD printing increased productivity while cutting time and costs.

A colorless resin, Somos QuickGen 500 has a print speed 2x faster than similar materials, the company says. Easy to print, the resin prints with accuracy and is ideal for functional and general prototypes, semi-flexible applications, applications with detailed features and – due to its translucency – fluid flow analysis.

It offers flexibility but it’s also stiffer than elastomers; offering both flexibility and spring back.

DSM worked with their ecosystem partner, San Francisco-based company Origin, and the developer of Origin One, an open industrial 3D printer with material development tools, to develop and test Somos QuickGen 500. The combination of DSM’s materials science and Origin’s open system platform allowed for the rapid development of this new material.