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New Distribution Group Highlights Several New Additives from Three Companies

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AESSE Sales & Distribution's product lines include coupling agents and impact modifiers manufactured by SACO AEI Polymers, as well as flame retardants, masterbatches, compatibilizers, surface modifiers and process aids from others. 

Private holding company AESSE Investments Ltd. announced the formation of AESSE Sales & Distribution (AESSE S&D)—a new sales, distribution and corporate development arm for the business.

Mike McCormack has been named business unit manager for the new venture. His experience includes time with Dow Chemical, Teknor Apex, M.A. Hanna and PolyOne.

Materials AESSE S&D will distribute include coupling agents and impact modifiers manufactured by SACO AEI Polymers—an AESSE Investments business—as well as flame retardants, masterbatches, compatibilizers, surface modifiers and process aids made by other suppliers.

AESSE S&D maintains multiple warehouses, and it has access to injection molding presses up to 3500 tons through its sister division, SA Engineering, which has partnered with Engel to dispaly its equipment in a SA Engineering facility in Detroit.

Apart from SACO AEI Polymers, AESSE S&D will distribute products from Fine-Blend, Javachem, Suli Co. Ltd.,  and Sundow Polymers Co. Ltd.

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