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New Granulators Can Tackle Large Injection or Blow Molded Scrap

Cumberland is showing its T50 Series Granulators and versatile FRV & Edge Trim FRE Series feedroll system.


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Cumberland, is showcasing its T50 Series Granulators at Booth S24189, which come in a full range of size and design options and are built for applications ranging from large injection or blow molded scrap, furniture components, and appliance parts.

The T50 Series Granulators have precision tolerance cutting chambers creating regrind consistency and allows for smooth reprocessing, the company stated. The T50 Series Granulator boasts an efficient Twin Shear design that reportedly reduces energy consumption and the overall cost per pound of output. The machine provides consistent regrind by using a rugged knife assembly with precise tolerance. Because of its heavy-duty rotor construction, the T50 Series Granulator rotating knives are fixed, allowing adjustment to take place at the bed knife.

The T50 Series Granulators feature a wide-open design. The screens are reversible to be used longer. A new rear hopper door is equipped with a zero-speed locking mechanism and improved seal design. Locking the rotor is now as simple as the push of a button and access for cleaning is only possible when the rotor stops spinning. A new linear actuated rear cutting chamber door offers easy access for bed knife maintenance.

In addition, Cumberland is presenting a new Versatile FRV & Edge Trim FRE Series Feedroll system, which features a wide range of capabilities for thermoforming scrap reclamation, with a granulator feed conveyor. Versatile FRV Series Feedrolls are used in combination with a granulator to process sheet, film, web and part imbedded sheet. The system is available in two versions, allowing the flexibility to run thin film or large draw parts up to 8-in. tall.

The Versatile FRV Series Feedroll system features a broad opening (up to 56 in. across) to handle challenging scrap associated with large thermoforming applications. This new design helps eliminate jamming or misfeeds when processing bulky scrap during startup, the company states.