Post-Consumer Recycling | 1 MINUTE READ

New High Melt Flow Recycled PP Enables the Production of Thinner, Lighter Parts

The new Jet-Flo Polypro compound adds value to recycled PP by reportedly enabling thinner, lighter parts that require less material and energy.


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Aaron Industries Corp. has launched the Jet- Flo Polypro, its new high melt flow recycled polypropylene (PP) compound. Jet-Flo Polypro, which features DeltaMax Performance Modifier from Milliken & Co., is reportedly among the first recycled PP materials to combine two properties that are normally mutually exclusive: extremely high melt flow index (MFI of 50-70 g/10 min.) and good impact performance (Notched Izod of 1.5-2.0). High MFI and good impact strength make Jet-Flo Polypro suited for economical, highly durable thin-wall parts, such as housewares. By adding value to recycled PP, Aaron Industries is helping to encourage broader use of sustainable alternatives to virgin PP resin.

The product, which is regionally available in eastern parts of the United States and Canada, is supplied as pellets in black and gray colors.

Aaron Industries worked with Milliken to leverage its DeltaMax Performance Modifiers, which can increase MFI by as much as five times while maintaining impact strength, the company stated. A higher MFI enables manufacturing at lower temperatures, which uses less energy and results in higher throughput due to shorter cycle times.

Jet-Flo Polypro is said to open the door to new application opportunities, including new parts with more-complex designs and thinner-wall geometries, such as DVD cases, caps and closures, etc. From a processing standpoint, faster cycle times help avoid molded-in stress that can cause warpage.