New Melt Indexer and Thermo-Mechanical Tester

Two new test instruments that extend the line of C.W.

Two new test instruments that extend the line of C.W. Brabender, South Hackensack, N.J., into new areas were introduced at the NPE show in Chicago. The company's first melt indexer is capable of 50 measuring points due to its linear, high-precision position transducer, a feature typical of only a few high-end instruments of this type. The "MeltFloW @on" complements Brabender's line of torque rheometers (Intelli-Torque Plasti-Corder and ART Plasti-Corder). It provides MFR and MVR determination in g/10 min or cc/10 min in compliance with ASTM and ISO standards. Modular options include a motorized cutting device and a weight-lifting device. Windows software provides instrument control, automatic data recording, and evaluation of the measuring data. A second new instrument measures the thermo-mechanical properties of TPEs, TPOs, and TPVs. The Temperature Scanning Stress Relaxation (TSSR) meter performs the anisothermal stress relaxation test (AISR), a new test method that subjects a specimen to a constant tensile stress at a constantly rising temperature. Stress relaxation is measured and recorded as a function of time. AISR was developed for determining the upper service temperature and relaxation spectrum of TPEs. Whereas conventional relaxation tests are carried out at a constant temperature, the AISR test temperature rises continuously at a defined heating rate.

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