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New Name in Energy-Efficient Presses from China

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Führung is a relatively new brand of servo-hydraulic toggle presses, on display in Orlando.

Führung is a relatively new brand of Chinese injection molding machines, created in 2013 by Ningbo Leadway Machinery Technology Co. Its Blaze II servo-hydraulic toggle presses are on display in Orlando.

The line extends from 100 to 1300 m.t. Features include injection units that ride on guide rails and have been strategically lightened to enhance acceleration response. The clamp has a wider and longer platen guide, with graphite-copper bushings on the tierods, T-slot platen for fast mold mounting, European-style ejectors, and a three-color tower light with alarm.

The machine comes with a nozzle purge guard and has provisions to accept “extras” like a Euromap robot interface, two sets of core pulls, automatic grease lubrication pump, non-operator-side safety gate, and open machine base with room for a conveyor.


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