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New Pilot Line Verifies Web Gauging Performance

Mahlo offers fully operational pilot line for product testing, sample evaluation and technical training.
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Mahlo America has developed the ability for processors to fully evaluate, before purchase, the complete capabilities of Mahlo's on-line sensor technologies to measure critical elements of specific web-produced materials.

Mahlo offers this fully operational pilot line for product testing, sample evaluation, and technical training. The line is capable of processing up to 75-in.-wide webs and is equipped with a full suite of traversing scanners and measurement sensors for detailed analysis of any roll good product. The new pilot line gives manufacturers the opportunity to test first-hand the effectiveness of Mahlo's web gauging technologies with their specific products and take away comprehensive measurement data to compare with their in-house lab testing.


Using non-nuclear sensors including infrared, laser triangulation, white light, and microwave as well as beta gauge and X-ray technologies, Mahlo sensors test for a wide range of properties including basis weight, thickness, coating add-on, density, moisture and air permeability.