New Relay Technology Extends Controller Life

New technology developed by Watlow, St.

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New technology developed by Watlow, St. Louis, is said to extend the life of relays used in Watlow’s temperature and powerswitching controllers for heating applications that require a large number of on/off cycles. Standard electromechanical relays are subject to electrical arcing that shortens their life. Watlow’s new NoArc relays have electronic arc suppression that greatly reduces the amount of arcing across the relay contacts. Standard relays typically have a life cycle of about 100,000 cycles at rated amperage, while No-Arc relays boast a life of more than 4 million cycles. No-Arc technology energizes a circuit that is in parallel with the contacts to carry the load so the contacts don’t have to. No-Arc technology can handle high current without a large heat sink. Eliminating a heat sink reduces cost and number of components. No-Arc is incorporated in Watlow’s new EZ-Zone PM controllers. (800) WATLOW2 •

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