Injection Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

New Self-Contained Micromolding System

Enclosed micromolding cell injects parts down to 0.001 g.


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A new generation of its M3 micromolding system is being launched at NPE by MHS Mold Hotrunner Solutions. The new model M3-D08 is a compact, self-contained electro-pneumatic molding cell for molding direct-gated parts from 0.001 to 0.400 g with a gate diam. as small as 0.5 mm (0.0197 in.). Clamp force is 4 m.t. Cycle times are generally 4-6 sec.

Precision valve gating allows molding of two different parts with different weights at the same time. Integrated automation provides hands-off parts handling and takeout. Patented Isokor technology accumulates the melt and temperature conditions close to the gate, which is said to reduce melt residence time and potential degradation, while also minimizing variations in shot volume due to melt compressibility.