New Series of Flexible High-Speed Blow Molders

The APF-Max PET reheat stretch blow molding machines have an output range of 6000 to 14,000 bph for containers from 0.2 – 3.0 L.

PET Technologies GmbH has brought to market its fourth generation of PET reheat stretch-blow molding machines, called APF-Max, with an output range of 6000 to 14,000 bph for containers from 0.2 – 3.0 L. The product range consists of three basic models: APF-Max 4, APF-Max 6, APF-Max 8. The machines are all-electric with a B&R PLC control. The company is based in Austria and manufactures machines in Ukraine.

Purported benefits include quick change and flexibility. The APF-Max series has 4, 6, or 8 cavities, and a machine originally purchased for 7000 bph can later be modified for up to 14,000 bph by installing extra ovens and mold cavities. Mold cavities can be added or removed individually, and the company says 15 minutes are enough to change the blow mold and start to produce another bottle format. All 108 collets in the oven can be replaced in 15 minutes. And customers report that only 2 hr are needed for changeover to another preform neck standard.

In addition, the machine has a near-infrared (NIR) heating system and low total installed power. APF-Max is equipped with a special short-wave NIR heating system. Although not a common heating method for PET blow molding machines, the company says it makes preform heating more efficient and consumes less power. The oven itself is significantly shorter than on other machines, making for a more compact footprint.

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