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New Servo-Hydraulic Toggles for Two-Shot Molding

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New two-component press with rotary table and multiple injection-unit layout options. 

New from Taiwan is the Rc-Series of two-component, servo-hydraulic toggle presses from Fortune International/Victor Taichung. In sizes of 180 to 450 m.t., they have a 180° rotating plate and either vertical or horizontal (L-type) second injection unit.

The company also offers energy-saving ES servo-hydraulic toggles from 50 to 1600 m.t.

The new-generation V8800 control has a swivel-mounted, 15-in. touchscreen with internal memory for up to 1000 molds, USB port, and a single screen for setting clamp and ejector positions, screw retraction, injection, temperatures, and air eject. Data collection for production management and quality control is also provided.



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Fortune International, Inc.

Booth: W663

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