New Sheets of TPO and Recycled PETG

WEB EXCLUSIVE Spartech Corp., St.

WEB EXCLUSIVE Spartech Corp., St. Louis, has come out with two new series of sheet products for packaging and durables. For large parts of trucks, RVs, agricultural and construction equipment, and electric sports carts, new Extreme TPO sheets come in three grades--low and high gloss and “decorative.” The latter involves a decorative pattern protected under an acrylic cap. Patterns can include camouflage, woodgrain, marble, stone, graphite, or custom solid colors. Also new are three grades of UltrosRenu sheet for blister and clamshell packaging, display bozes, and other non-food containers. These products are certified to contain from 42% to 90% minimum amounts of recycled PETG. One version is clear and another has a blue tint. (888) 721-4242 *

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