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New Shredder Knife Technology Can Size in a Single Pass

The shredder technology from BCA Industries allows OEMs to simultaneously shred, chip and size on-site. 


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BCA Industries, a developer and manufacturer of industrial shredding and recycling equipment, has launched a shredder knife technology that can cut, screen, and size in a single pass with one machine on-site.

BCA’s patented Triplus knife system technology changes a standard shredder to a hybrid with a dual shaft rotary shear shredder and a single shaft granulator.

The company says that since the sizing of reduced plastic scrap can be specified, uniform, and even tailored to the manufacturing process, more material can be successfully reused with less labor and processing, boosting profits. Shipping costs are also reduced for scrap transported off-site to be recycled since any voids within the container are minimized. 

BCA Industries says that the knife technology simultaneously does the work of both a typical shredder and granulator. The technology is flexible enough to be incorporated into the smallest to largest industrial shearing and grinding equipment.

The approach uses the precision grabbing action of the high torque, dual shaft shredder to cut the width of the material, while the bed knife design of the shredder sizes the length. This is accomplished in one operation, which produces accurately sized material in one pass without a screen. The end-product size is based on the size and geometry of the knives.  

BCA shredders using the knife design can be operated at high speed and low torque for higher production speeds. When more torque is required for anything tougher to grind, the system automatically provides the RPMs necessary; it then readjusts to the higher speed, lower torque setting for faster production within seconds.

The technology is flexible enough to be installed in any size shredder that BCA builds, from 10 HP to 800 HP, from 15” x 12” cutting chamber to 48” x 72” cutting chamber, and is licensable to equipment OEMs looking to build their own branded devices. 

BCA shredder technology

The BCA shredder can shred and granulate plastic into small, evenly sized material without screens.


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