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3/4/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

New Top-of-the-Line Servo Robots with Industry 4.0 Connectivity

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Yushin's new FRA servo robots are loaded with intelligent self-correcting features; network connectivity with downstream equipment; and remote monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting capabilities.

“More agile, smarter and faster” are said to describe the new top-of-the-line FRA series linear servo robots from Yushin. Three models are suited to presses from 50 to 600 tons. They come with a brand-new E-Touch V controller that’s said to be ergonomically compact and accepts tap-and-swipe gesture commands. It also has a dual screen that splits the information content for greater convenience in programming without the need to switch screens. Frequently used functions are grouped in one main screen, while users can freely assign I/O signals or buttons of their choice to the sub-screen.

The FRA is equipped with new patent-pending features such as Active Vibration Control, which actively dampens vibrations based on sensor signals, as well as Arc Motion Control and Adaptive Motion Control. It also comes with DeviceNet, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP protocols to interface with and control all downstream equipment.

Also available on the FRA series is Intu Line, a new cloud-based service that collects and communicates production data from the molding cell along with real-time video footage of part takeout and handling. A production manager can connect to the FRA robot via Intu Line anywhere and anytime to monitor production. Production reports for a day, week, or month can be downloaded with one click. The same information can be accessed remotely by Yushin technicians to monitor and diagnose any apparent problems. Yushin is demonstrating Intu Line by accessing production data from all FRA robots running at the show on a smartphone. Two FRA robots are running at Yushin’s booth with others at Maruka/Toyo, Nissei America, and Toshiba. Yushin says Intu Line adds to existing Industry 4.0 features of its robots, such as remote troubleshooting, predictive maintenance, integrated controls, and smart sensor protocols.


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