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New Welding Technology From Rinco Ultrasonics

Rinco launches the Electrical Motion ultrasonic welding system and AGM Pro ultrasonic generator for automated welding at NPE.


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Rinco Ultrasonics USA is introducing its new Electrical Motion ultrasonic welding machine at NPE2018 (Booth W5373). The new machine, available in 20- and 35-kHz frequencies, represents a move away from traditional pneumatic-type press systems to electrically driven machines.

The Electrical Motion welding system enables users to finely regulate the weld, using precise positioning of the horn, along with the applied welding force to the welding rate. This means considerably better results in welding, punching, cutting and sealing of molded thermoplastic parts, nonwovens and synthetic textiles, the company says. Another key feature of the Electrical Motion welding system is a high-performance, industry-type PC that can be easily operated via a 12-in. adjustable touchscreen, with the welding process triggered through an ergonomically designed two-hand operation.

The Electrical Motion Series is a next-generation product based on the company’s Dynamic 3000 ultrasonic welding machine (also with a working frequency of 20 kHz and 35 kHz), which was designed for technically demanding welding operations for medium- to large-sized thermoplastic parts. The unit provides eight different welding modes from time, energy, and collapse distance to absolute distance; energy and time; energy or time; contact cut off and melting rate. For all welding modes, the operator can adjust the ultrasonic trigger for force, distance and time. 

Rinco is also launching its new AGM Pro ultrasonic generator designed to be built into automation lines and special-purpose welding machines. The digital, Industry 4.0-capable device is an upgraded version of Rinco’s current AGM ultrasonic generator and is reportedly well suited to semi-automated and automated applications in the automotive and packaging industries. This completely redeveloped unit is even more compact and almost 50% lighter.