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PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

Materials Handling: Plug Single-Tunnel Diverter Valve

New diverter valve from Schenck Process has two-way switching for dilute-phase or dense-phase conveying.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

Automation: Bigger, Stronger Gripper For Collaborative Robots

On Robot grippers fit Universal Robots.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

Injection Molding: Injection Process Monitoring/Control Adds Multi-Shot Molding, Quality Prediction

Enhanced version of Kistler’s ComoNeo is shown at NPE2018.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

Injection Molding: In-Mold PUR Coating Now Comes in Colors

Colored in-mold PUR coatings can now be added to injection molded auto parts.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

Injection Molding: New Electric & Hybrid Injection Machines, and a ‘Sneak Peek’ at More to Come

Four new models of economically priced injection machines from Absolute Haitian boast enhanced clamp and injection specs, while also offering energy savings.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

Injection Molding: Injection Machine Configured for In-Line Compounding

In-line compounding option for Wilminton Machinery’s MP800 800-ton, medium-pressure injection press can handle up to six components.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

Injection Molding: Novel Injection Unit With In-Line Screw/Plunger

Md Plastics has a new injection unit designed to overcome longstanding limitations of reciprocating screws.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

Blow Molding: On-Line Training For PET Processing

PTI adds new training services that let you set your own schedule.

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2018

AMBA 2018 Sourcebook Connects Clients to Mold Builders

The AMBA says that the 2018 AMBA Sourcebook is a key resource in the industry, providing valuable information for sourcing skills-certified mold builders in the United States. 

PUBLISHED: 3/29/2018

Blow Molding: Enhanced PET Stretch-Blow Machine And New Leak Tester

All-electric reheat stretch-blow machine offers new features for custom blow molders. Enhanced leak tester handles small to large containers.

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