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PUBLISHED: 5/24/2018

New Welding Technology From Rinco Ultrasonics

Rinco launches the Electrical Motion ultrasonic welding system and AGM Pro ultrasonic generator for automated welding at NPE.

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2018

Materials Handling: Teflon-Coated Sensor Sheds Sticky or Staticky Materials

Binmaster silo or bin level sensor prevents buildup of sticky or static-sensitive materials.

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2018

Additives: High-Performance Lubricants for Automotive and More

Clariant’s unique crude rice bran wax reportedly outperforms lubricants based on Montan wax. 

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2018

Additives: New Color Effects for PET Packaging

Penn Color has developed some unique color packages in collaboration with Husky and PET Engineering. 

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2018

Materials: Purging Compounds for Polyolefins and Engineering Resins

Chem-Trend’s new purging agents are both ready-to-use granular compounds. 

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2018

Testing: FTIR Spectrophotometer with More Versatility & Reliability

Shimadzu’s IRSpririt is the smallest and lightest FTIR unit from the company.

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2018

Materials: Extended Line of Nylon-Based TPEs

An extended product family of nylon-based TPEs, also known as polyether-block-amides (PEBA) is newly availble from Nylon Corporation of America, Inc. (NYCOA), Manchester, N.H.

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2018

Additives: Additive Blends for Neutralizing Odor and VOC Control

Struktol’s new blends targeted on automotive, packaging or recycled applications.

PUBLISHED: 5/11/2018

Distributor Focuses On 'Human Element' Of Plastics

Chase Plastics is showcasing through images how people use plastics in the real world—a fire helmet and goggles, a prosthetic leg, a car dashboard—all representing the everyday application of plastics.

PUBLISHED: 5/11/2018

Nitrogen Drying for Specialty Resins

Dryer introduces an inert gas or nitrogen to inhibit the oxidative degradation of polymers.

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