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PUBLISHED: 6/10/2020

Materials: Purge and Shut-Down Masterbatches for Polyolefins

Ampacet’s new additions to its line of purge and shut-down concentrates are aimed at maintaining product quality and cutting costs, 

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2020

Additive Manufacturing: New 3D Printing Materials for Antistatic, Low-Wear & Food-Contact Parts

New igus materials for SLS and FDM/FFF printing.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2020

Cleaning/Sanitizing: Products to Help Keep Workers Safe from COVID-19

New Pig offers wipes, storage carts for sanitary supplies, and social distancing floor markers.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2020

Automation: Predictive Maintenance, Cleanroom Versions & Recycling of Energy Chains

igus reports a number of recent developments in automation components.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2020

Automation: New Hardware & Software for Low-Cost Robots

igus offers a new linear seventh axis, free downloadable control software, and a new range of modular components.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2020

Automation: New Dust- & Waterproof Cobot for Sanitary Applications

Said to be the industry’s first IP67-rated collaborative robot.

PUBLISHED: 6/5/2020

Printing Platform Allows Introduction, Orientation of Functional Fillers

A 3D printing startup technology’s ability to evenly disperse functional additives to photopolymers and align reinforcing fibers within the resin during cure is drawing moldmaking interest.

PUBLISHED: 6/5/2020

Process Cooling: Chiller Line Adds Remote Viewing, Interaction to Control

Delta T Systems’ VS chiller product line is now VNC (virtual network computing) compatible, allowing remote viewing and full interaction with every HMI display element and control parameter via a third party VNC client.

PUBLISHED: 6/4/2020

Injection Molding: Mold Dehumidifier Adds Germ- and Virus-Free Version

Blue Air Systems’ DMS (Dry Mould System) provides aseptic dehumidification of tools for a germ and virus-free molding atmosphere.

PUBLISHED: 6/3/2020

Mixing: High-Shear Mixer

Said to generate a level of shear usually reserved for high-pressure homogenizers.