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PUBLISHED: 5/21/2020

Tooling: Bar Lock Series of Mold Aligners Expanded

New inch, metric and custom sizes added, expanding the existing four bar series to eight and eight guide lines to 20.

PUBLISHED: 5/20/2020

Tooling: Larger Model Integrated Pump/Filter System for Cleaning Internal Cooling Passages

New Eco-Pro 360 XL cart from iD Additives more than doubles the output of the company’s standard Eco-Pro cart, and targets larger molds and chill rolls for extrusion.

PUBLISHED: 5/19/2020

Additives: Additive and White Masterbatch Portfolio for BOPE Films

Ampacet’s Biox4ce additive masterbatches for biaxially-oriented polyethylene (BOPE) film applications support the circular economy.

PUBLISHED: 5/19/2020

Materials: Unusual Crosslinkable Elastomers Outperform TPVs, Silicones and Thermoset Rubbers

PolyOne’s new Barricade Elastomers offer high-temperature compression set performance, easier processing and lighter weight.

PUBLISHED: 5/13/2020

Materials: Implant-Grade PEEK Filament for Medical Applications in 3D Printing

The material was developed for fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology. 

PUBLISHED: 5/13/2020

Materials: Polyoxymethylene for Injection Molded Automotive Fuel Systems

Polyplastics’ Duracon POM boasts improved diesel fuel resistance for auto fuel components. 

PUBLISHED: 5/13/2020

Additives: Graphene Nanotubes in Fluoroelastomers Benefit Oil & Gas and Automotive Sectors

OCSiAl’s graphene nanotubes for fluoroelastomers (FKM) shown to perform optimally in components such as seals, O-rings, gaskets and hoses. 

PUBLISHED: 5/12/2020

Industry 4.0: Wittmann Battenfeld Makes OPC UA Compatibility Standard

Citing the impact of the coronavirus on the need to digitize manufacturing, Wittmann Battenfeld announced that effective April 1, newly ordered peripheral equipment complies with OPC UA communication protocols free of charge.

PUBLISHED: 5/12/2020

Additives: Liquid Colorants Based on Unique Liquid Carrier Technology for Polyolefins and Styrenics

Britec’s Qd²-Liquid Carrier System boasts improved particle distribution in the polymer that supports higher pigments loadings-reducing use rates, and more. 

PUBLISHED: 5/11/2020

Compounding: Higher-Performing Pilot Machine

Series is height adjustable and can process highly filled and viscous materials.