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PUBLISHED: 9/30/2019

Extrusion: Simulation Software Permits Die Optimization

Long-established supplier of mold and hot runner simulation software adds extrusion to its mix.

PUBLISHED: 9/30/2019

Extrusion: Two-Stage Screw Offers Distributive, Dissipative Mixing

New design from Davis-Standard offers outputs comparable to barrier screws at lower melt temperatures.

PUBLISHED: 9/30/2019

Extrusion: Seven-Layer Line for All-Polyolefin Films

Macchi showed its next generation polyolefin-dedicated blown film line.

PUBLISHED: 9/27/2019

Recycling: Cascade Retrofit Package for Extruders

MAS says that its cascade retrofit package is an efficient way to increase the performance of existing recycling plants.  

PUBLISHED: 9/26/2019

Testing: Low-Budget, All-in-One Basic Gauge Series for Optical QC in Extrusion

Offers inline optical quality inspection for processes ranging from window profiles to cable conduits and skirting boards.

PUBLISHED: 9/26/2019

Testing: Desktop SEM Helps Manufacturers Improve Quality Control Efficiency, Accuracy, and Material Cleanliness

A versatile and intuitive desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hillsboro, Ore.

PUBLISHED: 9/26/2019

Materials: Low-Warpage, High Hydrolysis-Resistant PBT for Automotive

Polyplastics’ Duranex flame-retardant PBT boasts outstanding electrical properties plus high rigidity and low warpage.

PUBLISHED: 9/25/2019

Materials: Recycle Content Copolyesters for Cosmetic Cases

Eastman’s new copolyesters demonstrate circular economy credentials to the cosmetics sector.

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2019

Tooling: Compound Lowers Friction and Torque Between Metal Components

Slide Products’ Aluminum Anti-Seize Compound is said to be ideal for applications where non-similar metals are in contact.

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2019

Recycling: NGR and Kuhne to Showcase PET Recycling/Sheet Production Line

A demonstration line for viewing direct rPET to sheet has been arranged in the large R&D area of the Kuhne Group in nearby St. Augustin during K 2019.