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PUBLISHED: 9/7/2020

Automation: Robot Line Redesigned

Wittmann Battenfeld says new WX153 is fully updated version of the W8 pro series launched in 2013.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2020

Process Heating/Cooling: Pressurized Temperature Controller Adds Direct Cooling Model

Wittmann Battenfeld says the Tempro plus D120 temperature control unit (TCU) complements the Tempro plus D100 unit, providing a pressurized TCU of similar size with direct cooling.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2020

Automation: Digital Twin Allows Slow-Motion “Replays” of Robot Movements

Wittmann Battenfeld say all data are recorded in the R9 control’s video assistance system within 4 msec and can be traced back into the past for up to 100 seconds, letting molders replay incidents.

PUBLISHED: 9/4/2020

Additives: Tactile Frosted Effects Colorants for PET Containers

Ampacet’s Earthy Mattes boast a sophisticated frosted effect for PET bottles used in personal care, cosmetics and premium beverages.

PUBLISHED: 9/3/2020

Mixing: Triple Shaft Mixer with Powder Induction Manifold

Dual-post triple-shaft design has been revolutionized with this feature to streamline the processing of substantial powder phases.   

PUBLISHED: 9/3/2020

Material Handling: Bulk Conveyor with Safety Cage

Prevents contact with moving parts during operation and automated unloading of bulk bags.  

PUBLISHED: 9/3/2020

Part Handling: Standard Box-Filling Conveyor Systems

Twelve different standard box filling systems are pre-engineered to meet filling needs while offering lower prices and reduced lead times.   

PUBLISHED: 9/3/2020

Conveying: Compact Unit for Smaller Systems

New line said to be an optimal and inexpensive solution for lower-volume applications.

PUBLISHED: 9/3/2020

Hot Runners: Control for Hydraulic Needle Drives; Wear-Resistant Design for Abrasive Resins; and Specialized Film Insert Molding System

HRSflow has introduced a trio of developments, offering precision needle control in hydraulic systems, wear-resistant hot runners for filled resins, and a line targeting film insert molding (FIM), for the back molding capacitive films, for example.

PUBLISHED: 9/2/2020

Materials: TPEs for Automotive Interiors with Cost-Performance Advantage

Kraiburg TPE’s new GP/HF series of TPE compounds combine optimum flowability with an attractive cost-performance ratio.