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PUBLISHED: 11/28/2017

Blow Molding: ‘Collaborative’ Bottle Palletizer

Collaborative robot arm makes new bottle palletizer safe to operate without guarding.

PUBLISHED: 11/27/2017

Materials: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 & 66

New compounds aimed at applications when components need to resist higher peak temperatures.

PUBLISHED: 11/27/2017

Materials: First Soft-Touch 3D Printing Material

Excellent mechanical properties plus luxuriant feel are claimed for this first next-generation filament for FDM.

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2017

Materials: High Heat Stabilized Nylon 66 for Underhood Applications

Lanxess’ first entry of  the new nylon product line is aimed at offering an alternative to costly semi-aromatic nylons and PPS. 

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2017

Materials: Low-Emission Polyacetal for Gear Applications

DowDuPont’s new acetal is geared to both automotive and non-automotive gear applications.

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2017

Materials: Cellulosic with Higher Dimensional Stability and Creep Resistance

Eastman’s new bioplastic boasts a significantly higher heat deflection temperature than standard CAP.

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2017

Materials: Flame-Retardant Nylon 66 for Unattended Appliance Connectors

Ascend’s newest grade sports the highest possible glow wire ignition temperature rating.

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2017

Additives: Brilliant Metallic Colorants Mimic Paint

Uniquely shaped and sized pigments enable the metallic shades to replicate paint.

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2017

Welding: Ultrasonic Hand-Held System Comes in Multiple Frequencies

Time and energy process control is part of its standard configuration.

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2017

Welding: Two Compact Linear Actuators for Automotive

A key feature is the distance feedback which will reduce over welds.

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