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PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

Auxiliary Equipment: Insulation Blanket Beats the Heat, Improves Safety

Blankets are also said by processor that uses them to be easy to use and remove.

PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

Compounding: Continuous Processor Can Run Safely on Empty

Proprietary power transmission design and bearing configuration make this possible.  

PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

Mixing: Inline Rotor/Stator Homogenizers Can Be Moved About

Saves time, money by eliminating the need for multiple mixers separately dedicated to each vessel or product

PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

Extrusion: Energy-Efficient Dryer for Complex Profiles

Novel system uses compressed air to dry profiles without damaging or distorting them.

PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

Extrusion: Flex-Lip Die Cuts Resin Use on Capstock Layers

Flexible hinge on multi-manifold EDI Ultraflex Die from Nordson reportedly delivers uniform weatherable layer for PVC siding, saving more than $55,000/yr in capstock cost alone.

PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

Compounding: Closed-Loop System for Coex Film Reclaim

New system permits reclaim of multi-layer production scrap at rates up to 100%.

PUBLISHED: 4/28/2020

Additive: Non-Nylon Based, Low-Haze Oxygen Scavenger for PET

PolyOne’s ColorMatrix Amosorb 4020G, designed for rigid PET packaging, boasts lower haze and reduced impact on the PET recycle stream.

PUBLISHED: 4/27/2020

Materials: LCPs Designed for Rigors of 5G Cellular Communications, Autonomy

Sumitomo expands portfolio of LCPs with two thermotropic grades with low & consistent dielectric constant, loss tangent at high frequency and more to meet 5G technology evolving requirements. 

PUBLISHED: 4/24/2020

Tooling: Rotary Cooling Device for Demolding Rotating Cores

Compact rotary cooling units provide a cost-efficient means to integrate rotating cores into molds, while providing greater cooling for faster cycles.

PUBLISHED: 4/23/2020

Automation: Cobot Adds Interface for Easier Integration With Injection Molding Machines

Universal Robots has developed an Injection Molding Machine Interface (IMMI) supported by EUROMAP 67 and SPI AN-146 communication protocols, simplifying cobot/machine integration.