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News in Loading, Feeding, Blending, Chilling At Fakuma 2018 Show

At Fakuma 2018 exhibition in Germany, Moretto S.p.A. of Italy (U.S. office in Jackson Center, Pa.) displayed a variety of new auxiliary equipment.


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At the heart of the company’s “Smart Factory” program, dubbed “Efficiency 4.0,” is the new Mowis 3 system, the latest update of a supervisory and management system for all Moretto products, which can also be integrated with other equipment in the plant. It’s a modular software system described as “self-configurable” and user-friendly, which can be accessed from any location, on-site or remote.

Specifically for extrusion, Moretto’s Contrex subsidiary offers a new Navigator 9000 centralized plant-wide control system. Its exclusive “Batch Timing System” reportedly can program automatic startup of production in just 3 min.

In materials handling, one of the newest products is the DPK compact loss-in-weight feeder for continuous or intermittent metering of small quantities of color or additives with a base resin. It boasts accuracy down to ± 0.03% and throughput rates of 0.6 to 100 lb/hr. The unit (pictured) is self-calibrating and allows for recipe changes “on the fly” with its touchscreen controller. It comes with a clear additive hopper and offers options such as an additive loader with tilt-back, hinged base; resin loader/receiver; and MV double rotating mixer.

For extrusion, Contrex has the new DBK Gramixo batch dosing unit with continuous loss-in-weight control of extruder feeding. It manages the extruder and takeoff speeds to maintain constant weight per unit length of​​​​​​​ extrudate. Accurate dosing to ± 0.01% is claimed for its double “eyelid” shutter device and Rotopulse technology. With a reaction time of only 25 millisec, the system can dose up to six components. It offers wireless control.

Also new from Moretto are three new types of hoppers: TM standard hoppers are of stainless steel. TMC hoppers for hot, dried materials, also of stainless steel, have double-wall insulation and a removable cone. TMK Krystal hoppers are of clear acrylic when visibility is desired.

In addition, Moretto is presenting several new products for mold cooling and temperature control. These include​​​​​​​ Te-Ko chillers/temperature-controllers, dual-zone units with both heating and cooling capability, as well as integrated “free cooling.” They can use water, pressurized water, or oil.

New RC Mini chillers are portable units with integral tank, stainless-steel plumbing, and scroll compressors. They come in cooling capacities of 6.8 to 26.2 kW. And the RCV X Cooler is a new modular chiller with cooling power up to 900 kW and easy expansion to include up to six modules. It comes with screw compressor; variable-flow evaporator, centrifugal fan, and electronic expansion valve.

Also new is the the DS mold dryer designed to prevent condensation or “sweating” in the mold area.