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Next-Generation Antifog Additive for Packaging and More

Avient’s new Cesa Nofog Plus performs in both hot and cold food packaging as well as agricultural and protective films.


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A next-generation of antifog additive for food packaging applications has been launched by Avient Corp., spurred by the rapid growth in ready-to-eat foods, ready-to-cook foods, and food-delivery services. The new Cesa Nofog Plus additive is designed for both hot and cold packaging. 

Avient's new Cesa NoFog antifogging additive

By reducing moisture accumulation, Cesa Nofog Plus reportedly helps prolong the shelf life of packaged foods. It can clear fogging immediately in hot conditions, and within minutes in cold conditions. Lids and protective films produced with this food contact-safe additive are also said to remain clear, so that consumers can observe the food quality.

This additive can be used in both rigid and flexible food packaging, including mono- and multilayer structures. It is suitable for thermoformed sheets as well as transparent food packaging, agricultural, and protective films. Available as a solid masterbatch, the additive can be extruded with packaging resins without the need for extra equipment. It is also compliant with U.S. FDA and EU regulations.