Non-Contact Spectrophotometer for Industrial Use Combines Color Imaging with Spectroscopy

X-Rite's new MetaVue VS3200 on-board camera offers precise digital targeting of even odd-shaped samples.
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The latest addition to the MetaVue family of spectrophotometers from X-Rite Inc. is said to be the first non-contact instrument for industrial applications that combines color imaging with spectrophotometry to characterize today’s most complex materials. MetaVue VS3200 is reportedly ideal for the lab or quality-control operations and offers unmatched versatility and color accuracy for the measurement of plastic samples, liquids, powders and gels.

The instrument includes an on-board camera allowing precise digital targeting of the sample, including odd shapes. The ability to measure difficult samples helps plastics compounders and processors eliminate color errors in formulation. This device features an adjustable aperture size, ranging from 2 to 12 mm, enabling measurement of a wide range of samples without contaminating the instrument or damaging the sample.

MetaVue VS3200 integrates with X-Rite Color iMatch and Color iQC software for fast, accurate colorant formulation and efficient quality control operations. The device can store sample images, providing an audit trail and easy retrieval of images for future reference. It also works with existing workflows and is backward compatible with X-Rite VS450 and 964 data.