Novatec’s XSL Loader Offers Efficient Pellet & Regrind Transfer

The Novatec XSL vacuum loader unit offers many features like tool-less and lockable pivot access, a full-featured standard plug-in control, high-intensity micro-burst blowback, and SureSeal flapper surfaces.


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Reduce labor and resin waste with the new self-contained, easy-to-install pellet and regrind loader from Novatec.

The unit offers many features like tool-less and lockable pivot access, which makes cleanout and material changeovers quick and easy, a full-featured standard plug-in control puts loader parameter changes, alarms and acknowledgments right at the operator's fingertips, high-intensity micro-burst blowback provides an air blast to the filter to remove dust and fines, and SureSeal flapper surfaces stay aligned and resist wear ensuring the dump throat is clear for tight sealing and efficient vacuum.

The XSL's stainless steel construction provides a durable, non-ferrous material contact surface. Its powerful vacuum motor is sure to deliver trouble-free, long-life operation backed by Novatec’s lowest total cost of ownership five-year warranty.


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Baltimore, MD 21225

Anthony Martinelli



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