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Online Hot Runner Configuration Tool Adds New Functions

Nozzle range, resin selection, shot weights, gate types and more are expanded on online hot runner configuration portal.


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Meusburger says the FH hot runner mold, which includes a complete mold base and hot runner system, can be configured online in a few clicks with customizable aspects, as well as standardized ones, to speed design and delivery.

Once configured, the system can be ordered as a complete package and delivered, with 3D data also available for download. Meusburger says instead of standard aspects, the configurator allows the designer to concentrate on important functional elements during mold design, saving valuable time and cost. The company notes its hot runner experts can carry out a technical inspection of the FH hot runner mold upon completion of a form by the designer. The designer can then receive modification suggestions for the system.

Meusburger notes that the FH configurator has been upgraded in multiple areas. Both the nozzle range and the selection of plastics have been expanded, and now, shot weights from 0.5 to 500 g per nozzle can be entered. The configurator preselects the most suitable nozzle, but all nozzles within the range of the specified shot weight can be selected. The most appropriate gate types for the respective plastic materials are also recommended, with the best solution preselected. Customers can override this selection, as they see fit.

If the selected plastic and gate assembly results in the recommendation of an insulating cap, it can be ordered directly. In addition, the offset of the cooling hole to the manifold cutout can be adjusted in the x and y axis with the same value from 0 to 25 mm. Meusburger says this results in a compact mold that is optimally matched to the configured hot runner system.

Meusburger FH hot runner mold

Meusburger has expanded the options users can choose on its online FH hot runner mold configuration portal.